Top of the Coromandel

These SE winds seem to have slowed things down a bit but if you fish the afternoon bite they seem to come on again with an aggressive feeding frenzy! We have been heading to the top of Coromandel and the Colville channel area where the snapper seem to be in abundance at the moment. We are fishing 42-47 mtr areas and found a huge amount of snapper on a rise from 62 – 50mtrs on Saturday afternoon. While we are getting the occasional big fish, the size seems to be down from last Easter weekend. I think this is because there are more smaller fish moving in and it is hard to get your lure to the bigger models.

The fish that we are getting are a little skinny and very hungry compared to the ones we were getting closer in (Mohuihe and Waiheke area). We have been getting an average morning bite of around 2 hours and then a much better afternoon bite where we fill the bin and leave them biting. The sliders have been working well and the Green 100gr with a pink skirt seemed to be the flavour on Saturday also catching this big trevally for Aaron Ho (pulled out of 50 mtrs)! I hoping to see a few more of these fine fighting and eating fish being pulled up by my clients over the next few weeks.

We also like to take a tally during the day of the fish being caught. This instills a bit of healthy competition and bantering during the day. We also record the “King Of The Boat”, this starts around 45cm and climbs up during the day as the bigger fish get caught (sometimes a friendly wager is put on it – $10 each into the pool).

On Sunday the Jitterbugs in Candy Apple and Lime Pickle 140gr were the winners in the morning and then pink 140gr slider in the afternoon showing that it is always good to change around your lures to see what is working. Here is a nice thumper caught by David Shin on a 14ogr Candy Apple yesterday.

We will be looking a bit further down the firth over the next month as the bigger snapper and workups start down that way.

See ya out there.

Nik Key is a tutor, guide, lure tester and charter skipper

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