Head Banger Super Glue

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Head Banger Glue an associated product with the Head Banger Lure

Introducing the "Head Banger" Deepwater Lure: Your Ticket to Trophy Fishing! Unleash your inner angler and target the big ones with our "Head Banger" Deepwater Lure. This lure offers:Deep-Diving Power: Quickly reach the big fish at their favourite depths.

Realistic Action: Mimics wounded prey to trigger aggressive strikes.

Built to Last: Rugged construction ensures it withstands tough battles.

Colour Variety: Choose from a range of realistic colours. 

Easy to Use: Suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Weights: 80g, 100g

Colours: Orange, Red, Pink

Associated products: Head Banger 4 Pack of Tails, Head Banger Lure

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