Z-Man JerkshadZ


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Our Z-Man Jerk ShadZ continue to rapidly gain in popularity, and why wouldn't they - they have all the bases covered! A choice of 7", 5" and 4" models cater for virtually all the scenarios and fish species encountered, and the range of available colours is mind blowing! Anglers enjoy the fact they can let Jerk ShadZ do their own thing, tails waggling enticingly during the descent, or when on the bottom, where their inherent buoyancy makes them lift, tail-first, to wave like a 'come and eat me' flag to nearby predators. Great for 'dragging' duties! However, a bit more added action from fishos can make a huge difference at times too, so jerk ShadZ really do cater for all skill levels! 

Sizes: 4", 5", 7" and 8 inch (4" and 5" comes in a packet of 5, 7" comes in a packet of 4 and 8" comes in a packet of 2)

Jerk ShadZ 4” available in: Coconut Ice Glow, Bleeding Banana, Motor Oil, Nuked Chicken Glow, New Penny, Nuked Pilchard Glow, Perfect Perch, Redbone, Shiner, Smelt, Sexy Penny, Smokey Shad, Sexy Mullet, The Deal, Bruised Banana and Atomic Sunrise.

Jerk ShadZ 5” available in: Sexy Penny, New Penny, Shiner, Smoky Shad, Coconut Ice Glow, Bruised Banana, Silver Shad, Electric Chicken,  Bleeding Banana, Nuked Chicken Glow, Motor Oil, Nuked Pilchard Glow, Coral Trout, Laguna Shrimp, Redbone, Smelt, Sexy Mullet, Fusilier, The Deal and Atomic Sunrise, Pearl, Root Beer Gold, Slam Shady, and Fried Bologna.

Jerk ShadZ 7” available in: Motor Oil, Nuked Pilchard Glow, Coconut Ice Glow, New Penny, Redbone, Nuked Chicken Glow, Bruised Banana, Bubble Gum, Coral Trout, Glow, Fusilier, Smoky Shad and Atomic Sunrise.

Jerk ShadZ 8” available in: Electric Chicken, Glow, Smoky Shad, Pearl, Opening Night, Nuked Chicken, Hot Chartreuse and Bubblegum

Associated products: Secret Sauce and OA Lightbulb Jig heads.

On-the-water tips: Ensure your Z-Man soft-baits are rigged nice and straight. Any tail that's off-centre or bent will not behave in an attractive manner and is unlikely to be eaten. Select the lightest jig-head that allows your soft-plastic to get down to where the trout are holding in the river, or far enough out in lakes to nearby drop-offs, weed banks etc. Cast across and/or upstream when fishing rivers; even completely upstream can be good, but wind in to keep up with the lure as it's swept downwards, and watch the line for any sudden movement against the current. The lighter you can go with your lead-head choice, the longer the lure can stay in the desired strike zone (but ideally should still get down to the bottom). Retrieve with small jigging rod-tip movements and/or by slowly winding in.